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Complex problems require complex solutions

Software Dashboard

Our software solutions translate Inspection data into comprehensive 3D maps and models, providing predictive insights that simplify decision-making at scale.

Visualize. Analyze. Decide.

  • 3D Mapping.
  • Defect Sizing & Localization
  • Night Operations Capability

Detailed Sensor Reports

We provide state of art detailed reporting solutions, which include :
  • Remote A-Scans , with multiple echoes.
  • Configuring UT Gauge Velocity Remotely
  • Configuring Data Range, Deepcoat settings remotely.
Augmented Reality based Inspection, with placement of defects on a 2 X 2 Grid , housing actual UT and other equipment measurements,taken in realtime.

Surface Preparation Tools

Our Robots are equipped with an Robotic Manipulator especially designed for Modular Surface Preparation tools.
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